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Zion guitars represent the pinnacle in guitar luthiery – the optimal combination of function, tone, and beauty. Since 1980, every Zion guitar has been constructed with the highest quality components available. Premium tone woods, dynamic pickups, premium hardware, all assembled with precision craftsmanship to produce a guitar that really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our models are inspired by many classic body styles, but are uniquely Zion’s own. The difference is in the elegant lines and strict discipline in engineering and design that defines a Zion guitar. Each hand made guitar is painstakingly constructed, made to the exact specifications of each player. Choosing one of our models is merely a starting point. You choose the woods, finish, fingerboard, pickup configuration, bridge, strings, even the final neck setup. You are in total control – after all, Zion is building your very own “signature model.”

New! Those of you on a budget should take a look at our E-Series of guitars.


There is a Zion model for everyone – let’s find yours!